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Crystal/Reiki infused Scrunchie-Moon Phase

Crystal/Reiki infused Scrunchie-Moon Phase

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Can't wear jewelry? Don't have pockets? Tired of filling your bra with rocks?
These spiritual scrunchies are an amazing alternative! They're filled with natural crystals and reiki infused! Wear in your hair, around your wrist or even put in your vehicle to travel around with you. The possibilities are endless.

Crystals Inside:

Green Aventurine- A positivity stone of prosperity. Reinforces leadership qualities. Promotes well-being and protects the heart chakra, Promotes compassion and empathy. 
Citrine- A stone of abundance, teaches how to manifest wealth, prosperity and success. Joyful, calming, balanced. Activates crown chakra.
Tree Agate- A stone of plentitude. Brings abundance and fullness to all areas of life especially business and agriculture. Works slowly.
Moss Agate- A stone of wealth , attracts abundance. Promotes self-expression and communication. Stone of new beginnings.
Quartz- A master healing and excellent for connection to divine consciousness.
Amethyst- A spiritual stone to help you embrace your intuition.
Sodalite- A stone to aid you in speaking your truth and trusting your voice.
Onyx- A grounding stone, strength giving.
Rose Quartz- Unconditional love and infinite peace. Teaches the true essence of love. Brings deep inner healing and self-love.
Amazonite- Soothes emotional trauma, dispelling fear and worry. Assists in manifesting universal love. Heals and opens the heart and throat chakra.
Aventurine- Inspires compassion and empathy. Promotes living within ones own heart. Protects the heart chakra.
Rhodonite- Am emotional balancer that stimulates and clears the heart chakra. Heals emotional shock and pain. Clears emotional wounds from the past and promotes forgiveness.