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Crystal/Reiki infused Scrunchie- Bleached Mustard

Crystal/Reiki infused Scrunchie- Bleached Mustard

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Can't wear jewelry? Don't have pockets? Tired of filling your bra with rocks?
These spiritual scrunchies are an amazing alternative! They're filled with natural crystals and reiki infused! Wear in your hair, around your wrist or even put in your vehicle to travel around with you. The possibilities are endless.

Crystals Inside:

Prehnite- A stone to heal the healer. Puts you in touch with the earths energy grid. Seals auric field in a protective shield. Brings up the root cause of dis-ease.
Fluorite- A highly protective stone used in healing. It cleanses, purifies, dispels and reorganizes anything within the body that is not in working order.
Green Aventurine- A protective stone of prosperity. Reinforces leadership qualities. Promotes well-being and protects the heart chakra. Promotes compassion and empathy.
Quartz- The most powerful master healer and energy amplifier. Can be used to heal any condition, stimulating the immune system and bring balance to your body.
Tourmaline- Transforms heavy energy into positive and light energy. Creates a protective sheild around your entire aura.
Tigers Eye- Uses the energy of the sun to create a high vibrational atmosphere as well as keeping you grounded and protected.
Smoky Quartz- Raises the vibration while grounding and protecting energy. Gently removes negative emotions and relives fear.
Amethyst- Powerful and protective. High vibe stone that protects against psychic attack. Enhances consciousness and spiritual awareness.