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About Us

Kipley & Co. was named after my two kids (Kiptyn/Blakley) and means "Peak Of The Summit", which felt totally meant to be once the name popped in my head. I do ask for a lot of advice and guidance to come to me in dreams and that's exactly what happened when I was searching for answers on how to go about my next life's journey. Kipley & Co. was officially created in 2020 after many many years of putting my own intuition and passions aside in fear of it never being "quite the right time".

I have been connected to spirit for as long as I can remember. My entire life I hid the fact that something was "different" about me in fear of judgment or simply of the unknown because I didn't quite understand it myself. As the years went on, I have connected to many likeminded souls that have helped guide me into my life purpose and passion and I am proud to share anything about the spirit world, my experiences with it (good or bad) and anything that lights you up!

With my background in Graphic Design and Graphic Communications I have produced a daily journal (The Soul Self, for your whole self, Journal) that is an essential tool to help guide anyone who wants to stay organized, live a life of gratitude, manifestation, positive affirmations and validation.

A little bit more about me?... Oh sure!

I have been married to my best friend, Trystan, for 11 years and we have been blessed with two beautiful babies, Blakley and Kiptyn.
I love my morning coffee (even more if it has Baileys in it), a big cozy sweater, tattoos, squishy face puppy-dogs, nighttime campfires, a real and raw conversation, Fall, contagious belly laughs, game nights and 90s tunes! 

Thank you for following along,